Slide 1 - Windmills
Quino Energy achieves MRL 7 for battery active material pilot production line
Slide 2 - Swirls
Quino Energy stores electricity in molecules called quinones – commonly used as dyes
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Bringing degraded quinones back to life
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Our Mission

Practical, Affordable Grid Storage

We create water-based flow batteries that store electrical energy in organic quinone molecules for commercial and grid applications

Quino Energy logo

Quino Energy was formed to commercialize the aqueous organic flow battery technology pioneered at Harvard University.

Quino Energy Closes Extension to Seed Funding Round

Quino Energy has closed an additional $1.25M of additional funding from existing investor TechEnergy Ventures and new investors Doral Energy Tech Ventures and Energy Revolution Ventures, for a total of $4.55M raised in its seed funding round.

Quino Energy Closes Seed Funding Round

Quino Energy has emerged from stealth mode, closing a total of $3.3M in seed funding led by ANRI, and joined by TechEnergy Ventures and one additional confidential strategic investor.

Quino Energy Honored at the ETVF

Quino Energy was selected as one of the 10 Most Promising Companies out of nearly 100 energy tech ventures at the 19th Annual Energy Tech Venture Forum hosted by the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship in Houston.

Quino Energy at the Clean Energy Accelerator

Quino Energy is in Class 2 of the Clean Energy Accelerator, organized by the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Quino Energy Awarded $4.58M by the U.S. Department of Energy

Quino Energy has been awarded a $4.58M contract to strengthen the U.S. domestic flow battery manufacturing ecosystem by developing and executing a scalable, costeffective, and continuous process for producing aqueous organic flow battery reactants.

Our Approach

A low-cost, high-performance quinone for energy storage

Quino Energy’s process converts dyestuff raw materials directly into high-performance designer quinones using the flow battery system itself as the production reactor, enabling a new chemistry without a new factory while creating zero chemical waste.